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Get 7 practical steps you can take to protect your memories.

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Bonus Video Course

In addition to the Healthy Brain Checklist, you'll also get "21 Days to a Happy, Healthy Brain" a $99 value. In this video series, Dr. Hardy will help you form habits that may reduce the risk or delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Each Session Will Include...


A Helpful Video

Dr. Hardy will guide you through each of the Healthy Brain Habits in a quick, digestible way.

Detailed Information

Each habit will be explained in more depth through a short article with examples and helpful tips.



Sometimes we all need a friend in our corner encouraging us to grow.

Your Guide, Dr. Marci Hardy, PhD

Dr. Hardy is passionate about helping you live a happy, healthy life and equipping you with the resources, tools, and information to do so. Dr. Hardy has a PhD in Health Education and Health Promotion and is the Director of Health Sciences at ADx Healthcare. This checklist and mini-series are provided through her insights and research.

Dave and Carla Fight Back

Watch how this couple went from hopeless and helpless to empowered and equipped to fight back against Alzheimer's disease.

Download the 7 Habits of a

Healthy Brain Checklist

7 practical steps you can take today to protect your memories.

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